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As a company we want our people and our clients to be treated as one. We want Thunderbox to stand for something tangible and our service model supports us in becoming industry leading.

Thunderbox is driven by our four core values of Honesty, Hard work, Client Relationships and Community.

Building strong client relationships where we link all of what we do and who we are back to our four core values builds respect, mana and trust. Understanding we are not there just to clean and service toilets but to also show we care, Thunderbox strives to replace any previous negative experiences in this space with positive outcomes for both our clients and our people.

Thunderbox - our values
Being completely honest and open builds trust, strengthens lines of communication and demonstrates a commitment to the high standard of services we provide.

Providing service to the community and industries we work in by ‘giving back’, gives us a sense of pride and purpose.

Service industries can be challenging and hard work, Thunderbox acknowledges this and aims to support our clients and staff the best we can. This ensures they go home safely and content at the end of each day.

Our Value based service model has built an exceptionally gifted team who are diverse, strong communicators and are passionate about high hygiene standards. We believe our Core Values will support us in being Auckland’s most Trusted portaloo and sanitation service.

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