Portaloos for commercial and civil sites

Leverage our practical and logistical knowledge


Commercial and Civil sites have many moving parts. Thunderbox recognises this, so we employ a dedicated commercial manager whose role is to communicate with site managers and quantity surveyors. This brings an extensive amount of practical and logistical knowledge to arrive at the best solution for you the customer. In this space we bring a level of service which leads our industry and is trusted to deliver.
Our Approach:

A system of effective and efficient communication

Contactabilty and accountability of all staff

Site specific units such as ‘Craneable’ and ‘Female units’

Capability to offer second and third weekly services


Portaloos for commercial and civil sites
Portaloos for commercial and civil sites

Portaloos for commercial and civil sites


Having one supplier which can deliver consistently positive outcomes in and around the hygiene space. Our FSHM (Full Site Hygiene Management) system brings a new direction to large commercial projects.

With most commercial sites having a mixture of both portaloos and ablution blocks, we offer a wraparound service which meets the needs of our clients at all stages of the build.

We provide outstanding service, certainty, and reliability by bringing our value-based service model into the Ablution/Lunchroom’s/Site Office Blocks whilst maintaining our very high standards of hygiene.

Full Site Hygiene Management

Bulk septage waste removal

Hand over cleans

One invoice

abolution block
Site village cleanup
ablution block services
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