Dean Sampson


Founder of Thunderbox Portaloos, Dean is no stranger to the local community and has a proven track record of building successful businesses. He previously founded Albany Tyres in 1994 which has become an iconic landmark at the top of Albany Hill.

Dean’s secret to success lies in his firm belief in relationship building, superior customer service and client confidence. He prioritises effective communication, issue resolution, and long-term vision. Dean has an uncanny ability to assemble the right team of people, using their skills and developing their strengths.
Dean’s primary focus at Thunderbox is team support, ensuring every team member feels valued and empowered to excel. He takes a hands-on approach to leadership, fostering a positive work environment and encouraging collaboration.

Born and bred on the North Shore, Dean is a local through and through. Despite growing up in the suburbs, he’s a country boy at heart and loves the great outdoors. His ideal day would be relaxing with mates – a fishing trip, 4WD, hunting or playing sport. Dean and wife Annalie have two children and a Golden retriever called Ned. Dean enjoys taking his daughter horse riding and watching his kids grow and develop their passions.

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